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Dining room is the place where we usually have our meals. And it is very much necessary for us to maintain it and furnish it with proper furniture online. Buying dining room furniture from us to avail 12 month warranty and easy replace for any manufacturing defects on the furniture. Dining table and chairs are made by Nilkamal and are delivered within 10 days in all parts of India except big cities. And within 3 days in cities. Get the dining room set for sale at Casa Furnishing with upto 50% OFF.

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Dining set at Casa Furnishing are of high quality and is durable. Variety of products are available for you to choose from. You can buy wooden dining table set like Nilkamal Bahamas 1+4 . Modern dining room need modern solution, the best fit for modern dining room is Nilkamal Amago 1+4 Black .

What people usually buy?

Most of the dining set are the best seller of our site. It depends from people to people and house to house that what is best fit in it. Some buy Dark kitchen table like Nilkamal Wigo 1+4 Black. While some prefer to have a glass dining room furniture like Nilkamal Chrysanta 1+6 . Kitchen table sets with chair comes in different quality and sizes . Some are of kitchen table set 6 chairs while some are kitchen table set 4 chairs.

Why one should have a dining set?

It is very important to have your meal on a dining room furniture. Firstly its a very good habit and should be cultivated. And secondly it helps us to maintain a proper body posture. Which in turns helps your digestion and prevent your pain in back.

Every room in a house presents a different feel depending on its functionality. Living rooms provide the opportunity to bond with the family, and typically bedrooms are where you retire after a long day’s work. With the growth of interior design over the recent years, no single items is added into the home without consideration of décor. The same goes for dining rooms or dining areas. Before picking the dining chairs or the dining table décor together with other factors are taken into consideration. At Casa Furnishing, we pride ourselves in providing you with quality dining solutions. We have a variety of furniture for you to choose from.

Our Indian Sheesham dining set are a sight to behold. This dining solution is particular great for interior design. It comes in different shades. You can find it in gold or deep reddish brown. You can pick either one depending on your preferred choice. This piece is strong and durable. Unlike other wood furniture, this one is resistant to dry-wood termites. These termites tends to be the number one destroyers of wood furniture. You can, therefore, be sure that this dining set will last you a long time.

The Indian Sheesham dining set tends to have a natural grain pattern. This makes the furniture unique. No one set looks like the other. The natural grain pattern together with its natural colors make it a go to for many interior designers. To preserve its natural lustre, be sure to place it away from direct sunlight in the home. This set needs tender care to ensure it maintains all of its natural attributes. Ensure to use a coaster or a heat resistant mat on it to prevent it from getting permanent stains. Additionally, this piece is special thanks to its color as it’s capable of concealing dust particles.

Another great set in our collection is the reclaimed wood counter height table. This another great piece that will serve as an addition to your décor. Your dining area will exude character and elegance. It will bring warmth into your dining area and a sense of calmness. There is history behind each and every one of this pieces. Not only is it strong, it is stable as well. It won’t fall apart one day leaving you stunned and confused.

If you’re interested in transforming your dining area from a dull space to an inviting area that people enjoy being around, the reclaimed wood counter height table is the right pick. This is an eco-friendly table that helps you care for the environment. When it comes to aesthetics, this table is more preferable compared to glass tables. You also get adequate leg room which ends up being comfortable. Particularly for those who are a bit taller. In the process, you get to save your dining space. If you have a small area then this piece is for you.

How about a little color? Included in our collection are colored wooden dining chairs. Color is great especially when you want to match it with your house’s décor. It brings out your sense of style. A little color brings a relaxed environment that is family friendly. It brings a breath of fresh air into your home and you end up having a chic look. It is best when the wood color of dining chairs is the same as that of the table or a darker shade. In your dining area, the table is the centerpiece. It should stand out more than other furniture in the room. The dining chairs are mere accessories to the table. They should, therefore, accentuate the table.

For instance, Navy blue wood dining chairs bring a sense of freshness and cleanliness in the home. Navy blue is associated with royalty and a sense of importance. When you have other hues in the house, this creates a relaxed feeling in the home. Another great color for furniture is espresso. It usually stands between the color black and the color brown. Most people tend to think its black when really it’s not. When exposed in direct sunlight is when one can distinguish between the two. Espresso is a good finish for furniture that’s why we incorporate it in our collection. Espresso wood dining chairs and espresso wood dining table is a good choice for your dining room. Espresso is a classic color that will never go out of style.

With espresso wood dining chairs and espresso wood dining table your space exudes a warm, cozy feeling. Additionally, espresso is a neutral color. This means it blends easily with other colors. If you’re having a hard time finding a color that will blend with your bright walls and floors without destroying your style, then this piece is the best for you. Espresso provides the perfect balance.

Other than that, we have a solid wood round dining table and chairs. This set works for those who find it more appealing compared to the rectangular pieces. With this piece, you create a cozy setting for you and your family. People tend to be more comfortable on this piece as it lacks the position for the head of the house. Not necessarily because they want to be disrespectful or they want to misbehave, but because they feel more comfortable voicing their views and opinions.

With rectangular tables, everyone tends to be spaced out around the table. It is easy to zone out on your phone and forget you’re in the presence of others. On the other hand, a roundtable provides brings a sense of intimacy. People are close to one another and it’s difficult to ignore one another. Plus everyone can clearly hear what the other saying. Since this setting increases intimacy, couples will find it to be a treat. Additionally, this setting is favorable for playing board games or card games with your friends thanks to the center.

Another factor that makes this table favorable is the fact that it lacks edges. Round tables have a smooth finish all round. For families with toddlers, this will come as a relief. At their young age, toddlers tend to be playful, running around and disappearing when you aren’t looking. If you haven’t baby proofed your house, they could end up hurting themselves with the edge of rectangular tables. With a roundtable, however, that is one thing you don’t have to worry about.

Once you know where you will place your table, then you can make the choice of whether to get a roundtable. They are usually preferred when the space in question is small. They generally occupy a small portion of a room as compared to rectangular tables. The one thing that is constant is their obvious beauty.

Then there is the option of choosing a counter height wood table. Taller people tend to opt for this piece. The main reason being it has leg allowance. Taller people are often uncomfortable on regular sized tables because they can hardly move their feet. The leg room comes as a blessing and they get to get to enjoy their meals.

During mealtimes, toddlers are normally put on high-chairs. When using a regular table it can be a bit difficult to feed them. On a counter height on the other hand, you can easily reach the baby. You may even decide to involve them in other family activities. With this set you get to prevent kids from towering over everybody else.

A counter height wood table can be used in the dining room or in the kitchen. This is favorable if you want an eat-in kitchen. By doing this you can also increase your kitchen space. This is by using the table as additional meal preparation area. Additionally they are great for holding conversation and cooking at the same time. You friend can keep you company and both of you can catch up while you prepare a meal.

When your end game is to give your home a stylish look, then this is easily achieved by the table. In fact, this table gives the illusion of more space. When you want your dining area to look more spacious then this dining set would be the best pick. Instead of getting a regular sized table that would fill your room and make the place look squeezed, decide on a set that will not only provide comfort, but it will leave you with adequate space to move around the room.

For an additional modern update to your home, wood dining chairs with upholstered seats are a good choice. They give the house an elegant look. They also get rid of the plainness that regular chairs offer. It also makes the chair look complete. This set goes well with wood tables.

Another reason why this is the best choice is its durability factor. These types of chairs last longer since the fabric used as strong in nature. Not only that you can give them an easy clean with a damp cloth. Alternatively, you may decide to use a stain remover product. This keeps your chair free from dirt and dust.

When your fabric begins to wear out, or you want to change your homes design, you don’t have to get rid of your entire chair because they fail to align with your current vision. Upholsters can be replaced with a fresher version that leaves your house looking brand new. Also, when changing your house’ interior, all you have to do is replace the fabric with your preferred fabric. This gives both the chair and the dining room a new look.

When picking your dining set its important that you consider how many people it will seat. There are various factors to consider before deciding on your perfect choice. The functionality of your table should be the key consideration on the type of chair you choose. For instance, the 8-seater wood dining table is best for large families. For a large family of 8 or more, this piece would be the best fit. Additionally, it’s great for those that entertain a lot. If you’re always inviting friends over for parties, dinners, or games then this would be the preferable piece.

The 8-seater table is a bulky structure that occupies a lot of space. It covers a substantial area of the room. Therefore, it’s a decoration on its own. In fact, you don’t have to add any ornaments on the table. Another advantage of it is all the dishes can be placed on the table without the hustle of going back and forth from the kitchen.

The six seater wooden dining table is another recommendable choice. This piece is great for connection with family. You can all make memories while having meals together. These memories will likely be remembered by family years to come. Additionally, it perfectly fits in any space. It is smaller than the 8-seater thus occupies less space. It is great for a formal setting. You can choose to decorate it with ornaments.

The Sheesham wood dining table 4-seater dining table is more favorable for smaller families. A family of 3 or 4 will find this table to be beneficial in their dining experience. Additionally, its small and it will leave you with adequate move around space. This is also a good choice for those living in a small house. Especially a studio apartment. With the 4-seater table, you can easily have meals in the outdoors as well. Its light nature makes it easy to move.

The dining room is a special place for making memories. The get together with the entire family during  the holidays, the daily family discussions about school, work and life in general. The fun with friends when they come for dinners and game night. Dining sets aren’t a part of the house that should be overlooked. Instead, they should be appreciated. At Casa Furnishings, we enjoy being part of making some of your families greatest memories come to life. We have a variety of furniture that will be sure to excite you.