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Buy Wooden Sofa set at Casa Furnishing:

When you buy a sofa, you wish to have the most comfortable one you can get for your time and money. A comfortable sofa set allows you to spend as many time relaxing with your loved ones and friends. Here you can find a wooden sofa design that fits in your lifestyle as well as in your interior decoration and color. Select a sofa of appropriate size for your space, so as you can enjoy its comfort without getting into bulky seating as you pass by.

Types of Wooden sofa set online:

Sectional sofas:

The sectional sofas is a multi piece sofa.  Usual number of pieces are 3 and 5.  It can be arranged in a variety of configurations.  The more the number of pieces, the more will be its configurations.  Ideally, any sectional sofa you purchase from our site will include sockets or fixtures that connect the parts to prevent them from separating.

Because of the growing popularity of sectionals sofas, there are a lot of styles, designs and materials to choose  from.  Some are huge and can cover large rooms while some are much smaller.

Two most common arrangements are L-shape and U-shape.

History of the Sectional sofas:

While you should be knowing that the sectional sofa became popular and converted into its present form in the 1960’s with the start of mid-century furniture designs, sectional sofas were made in the Victoria’s era.  The initial Victorian era sectional sofas were initially being two or more sofas which were joint together to form a larger sofa.

Lawson Style Sofa set:

This is the sofa style which is designed for comfort.  Its unique design element is a back made up of pillows separate from the frame.

The aim for this type of design is to create a softer, more cushioned sofa with big cushions that are not enclosed within the structure of the sofa.

It continues to be the popular sofa design today as well.  You can purchase a Lawson style sofa in variety of sizes, colors and materials.  In addition of being ultra comfortable, you can shift the large pillows around for more comfort.

History of the Lawson Sofa set:

The Lawson sofa is a new design as compared to others, the first set was created for financier Thomas W. Lawson in the beginning of 20th century.  Thomas Lawson wished to have a sofa that was modern in design and yet comfortable.  Apparently, it is a derived design of the tuxedo sofa set.

Mid century modern sofa:

From the 1940’s to the 1980’s mid century modern furniture ruled the market, but don’t think it out of market yet.  It is making a comeback and looks like it will surely stay since it has now passed the test of time.

This type of sofa is all about minimum design and clean straight lines.  There are different variety of this type of sofa.  It’s designed and made to look good and yet be comfortable – the result is that it is sadly not the most comfortable furniture online, but if used with the right home design, it can look amazing.

History Mid century modern sofa:

Popular in the mid-1940s to roughly the mid-1980s, the Mid century Modern design movement was displayed by practicality, elegance and simplicity. In her book in 1984, “Mid-century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s,” Cara Greenberg became the first lady to officially name the style of this type of sofa.

The Mid century Modern style sofa in India can be found to be of previous popular European styles, such as Bauhaus from Germany, which has a role in influencing the American International style. As German designers shifted to the United States of America during and after the World War II, they carried their Bauhaus style with them. In addition, the booming postwar economy built a class of rich Americans who began to run out the inner cities and develop a different suburban lifestyle.

Their newly built houses called for matching furniture. Advancement in technology also forces for the creation of new materials, such as plastics, Plexiglas and Lucite. Mid century Modern sofas and other furniture shows a sleek, clean lines and both traditional and non traditional materials, often utilized in the same piece. It was not rare to see the same basic style of Mid century Modern sofa in a cover of vinyl, wool or velvet fabric.

Contrasting whites and blacks, along with colors shading from neutral to bold, made the simple geometric designs found in the Mid century Modern furniture. In addition, the newer materials were made for easier maintenance and care.

Contemporary mid century modern sofa set:

I am presenting a section for modern sofas because it is the most common term used to refer to a contemporary mid century modern furniture.

Genuinely speaking, what’s usually referred to as a modern furniture is actually a mid century modern design.

Above it, midcentury modern sofa must not be confused with contemporary  sofa or furniture – it’s not same.  Contemporary is a word used for present furniture… but it’s usually based on a particular design style such as a contemporary chesterfield or contemporary camel back.

English Rolled arm wooden sofa set:

The English sofa (also known as English rolled arm) is known for its low arms in contrast to a high back.

Upholstery is tight throughout, at the same time appropriately cushioned all over, including the arm rest.

Though being similar to the bridgewater, it’s differentiated by the toughness of the upholstery and its low arms.  In fact, few English rolled arm sofas have its arms so low that it looks like armless.

History of English Rolled arm sofa set:

Identified by tight back and large and loose seat cushions and attractive tight, rounded rolled arms much lower than the back, the English roll arm sofa is a priceless piece that’s best fit for a formal living room or parlor or office but at the same time coordinates well with any modern furniture available. One smart trick is to find the appropriate legs which fit with your particular choice of furniture pattern.

First showcasing in the early 20th century in English country manors, the neatly tailored and finished English roll arm sofa is one of the most comfortable couches you can find. In addition, it is actually been called as the “furniture equivalent” of a “loaf of meat.” This sofa is the one if you opt. for slipcovers for your furniture. In this way, you can either replace a dirty or worn cover at the same time preserving your sofa’s beauty for many more years to come.

Sofa bed:

There are many sleeper style sofa cum bed ranging from futons to pull-outs to daybeds to even bunk-bed sofa combination.  We feature few styles here.  See them next.

Pull out sofa bed:

On our website the most trending form of sleeper sofa is the pull out sofa bed.  They are very improved in 20 years (I know because while growing up i had an old wire job that offered a not so even, creaky bed).

These days sleeper beds are well designed and offers an amazing sleeping solution for your guests.

A pull out sofa bed is different from a futon in that the sofa back remains straight while the sleeping surface folds under the bottom of the sofa from where it is stored and pulled out.

Convertible sofa bed:

A convertible sofa is different from a pull out bed in that it doesn’t have a mattress.

The bed “mattress” results from the couch pillows the cushioning is provided not by mattress but by different solution.

This can be more or less comfortable than a pull out bed depending on the quality of a mattress of the pull out bed (the quality range is not constant).

Futon Type sofa set:

The futon is a sofa/bed combo.  Generally, the back of the sofa folds or releases downward to create a large, flat, cushioned sleeping surface.

Similar to the other sleeper sofa sets futon is the convertible sleeper couch, which is couch made up of pieces that when rearranged changes into a large flat sleeping surface.  The mattress is made up of the sofa’s cushions.  The convertible style sleeper is generally a feature of sectional sofas.

Love seat sofa:

The loveseat sofa is an self made term for a sofa made for two people.  They’re usually a part of a living room set.

Like normal sofas, loveseats come in a variety of styles and designs such as camelback, cabriole, etc.

User’s favorite use of a loveseat is to create a small sitting arrangement and bench at the foot of a bed.

How long are loveseats? Or we can say, at what length does a loveseat becomes a sofa?

This was one bit of info user aren’t familiar with, generally there are 4 loveseat categorizations, each depending on size measured from one arm to the other arm. The categories are:

  • medium: 58 inches long,
  • full: up to 64 inches long, and
  • loveseat sofas: up to 71 inches long.
  • small: 52 inches long,
  • compact: one person up to 51 inches long,

Things to consider while buying a wooden Sofa Set Online:


Even though one does not see the sofa’s structure, it forms the ground of how comfortable the sofa will be for the user. A sofa which is comfortable has a frame designed in such a way that it’s not difficult to get up and down from the seated position even for aged people. The frame must have to be sturdy enough to support the weight of several people. Opt. for sofa frames constructed of hardwood, such as kiln-dried ash, oak or beech. Keenly look at the legs of the sofa.

The must either be part of the frame itself or attached with screws or something. If you raise one of the front corners of a sofa, the other side front leg should come off the floor as well, if the sofa have a solid structure. If the other leg doesn’t rise from the floor, the sofa is structurally weak and may not be comfortable over time. But all the products at Casa furnishing are of high quality and has qualified several test and stand up to the nilkamal’s quality standards and of us as well.


The padding on the sofa set is usually the first thing that rings to our mind when we think of how comfortable the sofa is. Highly resilient foam is a good choice. There are various types of fiberfill used in the production of sofas, but some types quickly pack down and become uncomfortable. Goose down, the soft under feathers of the goose, mixed with duck feathers also works as a natural padding for sofas, but it is usually expensive. But we can build it customly as per your requirement. It also has a tendency to clump.

Despite of the filling used in the sofa, the padding needs a very good suspension system of webbing to help keep the cushion in place. Serpentine springs and hand-tied springs are the two most common suspension systems in higher end sofas. And is probably used in every sofa at Casa furnishing. The hand-tied springs is the best choice and often last longer and are more comfortable. If the sofa makes noise when you sit on the outside edge, the springs may not be capable enough to provide long lasting comfort.


Sofa upholstery must be comfortable to the touch. If you plan to get a nap on the sofa /couch on a regular basis, Opt. for sofa upholstery that is easy to clean and smooth to the touch. Tweeds and rougher fabrics may feel scratchy against bare skin and may even cause rashes on the face while sleep.

Sofa sets are a common furniture piece in every home. In fact, businesses have also started utilizing the use of sofa sets. We all need a comfortable place to relax after a long day of work or to bond with the kids. Similarly, offices are embracing the use of sofas as they require their clients to feel cozy as they wait to be attended to. This shows just how crucial having sofa sets is. They are an investment that will be used for years to come. Therefore, you require quality furniture that will cater to your needs. That is where Casa Furnishings comes in. We provide you with quality sofa sets. We have a variety of options that you could choose from.

We have furniture drawing rooms. Usually, a drawing room is known to be a formal space. It is found closest to the entrance, right next to the front door. This is to allow guests direct access when they visit you. This is also to prevent them from getting into other rooms. Seeing as this is the space you entertain guests or get away for some quiet time, the sofa needs to be comfortable. An example of an excellent wooden sofa for drawing room is sectional sofas. They maximize the seating areas. The décor in this room is usually laid back, and the same should go for your sofa. Get a calm tone for your fabric.

The traditional wooden sofa set is one of our fabulous pieces. Traditional furniture gives a home a royalty feel. These pieces are more extensive than others and require adequate space for them to fit. Just like all of our other pieces, it is of excellent quality. It brings a warm look into the home. To enhance its look, you can accessorize with pillows and pick one in light colors. Traditional couches are classic, that means they will ever go out of style no matter how many new designs crop up.

We have various wooden sectional sofa designs available. This piece is spacious and accommodates more people than a traditional sofa. It can fit five people or more. You can separate this sofa into different parts and arrange it as you would like. These chairs are casual and can be used in the living room or recreational rooms. Seeing as they can accommodate many people, they are suitable for large families and when you have large groups of friends visiting.

Another furniture that is mostly associated with minimalism is the low wooden sofa. As minimalism encourages simple designs and seeks to avoid clutter, this is the perfect piece. The simplicity of the furniture exudes a calm atmosphere into the home. This sofa is also easier to manage compared to other sofas. Instead of making the house look messy when they are sat on, they make the house look good. They go well in bachelor pads and office buildings.

A plain wooden sofa set is also an excellent way to go. People of different heights will appreciate this couch. It also offers excellent lumbar support. The cushions are adjustable to any position and heights. One can again ask for customization and get one that has fixed customization.

Getting a wooden leather sofa set may be one of the best furniture choices you make. Particularly if you’re going for a vintage look in your home, leather sofas are considered one of the classic sofas that have stood the test of time. It gives the house a rich, elegant look. The feel of the leather is also good, together with its smell. Your room gets a personality of its own by utilizing this type of sofa.

The aesthetic advantage is not the only thing that makes the wooden leather sofa set a great choice. It is also highly durable. This is because it is resistant to items that can cause damage, such as spills and dirt. Most times, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe the spills and dirt. The fact that you can prevent stains means the pristine color of the sofa will be maintained. The unique property of leather sofas is that as time goes by, they get more beautiful.

For those with small homes or tiny apartments, the small sofa set wooden piece would be the best choice. Small sofas are can either support one person or two people. This type of sofa leaves you with adequate room space that you could use to place other furniture. It also prevents your house from having a cramped look. Additionally, this seat is excellent for kids as they get comfortable and sleep peacefully on them. We have oddly shaped areas in our homes that we wish to hide; making use of this sofa will allow you to do just that.

When designing your living room, the use of colored themes will enhance the outlook of your house. Therefore, you should make an effort to ensure the colors do not clash and give an unattractive appearance. A royal blue living room set is one right choice for a house. This is because it’s a soft color that easily fits into most spaces. Although blue is not a neutral tone, it manages to act like one. It is a calm and pleasant tone that blends effortlessly with surroundings.

Our wood works thrive because we make use of hardwood materials. This makes the hardwood sofa set one of our fabulous pieces yet. It is highly durable and easy to maintain, as well. This is unlike sofas made from softwoods. Hardwoods come from slow-growing trees that are broad-leavened. This makes their cellular structure denser compared to that of softwood. This dense structure allows them to last for more extended periods of time.

Proper maintenance of these sofas will spare you the need to incur unnecessary expenses. Luckily, these sofas require minimal maintenance. Occasionally dusting them will be enough. However, once in a while, it is necessary to use quicksand and varnish on it. This will leave your sofa looking good as new.

The mahogany sofa set is under our hardwood collection. This sofa makes your interiors look modern and elegant. It is incredibly resistant to rot and mold. This means it does not decay, destroying what was once a great furniture piece.

It also has a unique smell that tends to keep dry wood termites away. This type of resistance makes it durable compared to other wood furniture.

Mahogany sofas are naturally beautiful. They have rich and varied patterns, which makes every piece unique. This enhances their appearance and that of your home. The wood is also easy to sculpt and twist, allowing the formation of different beautiful designs. Having this furniture piece in your home leaves it with a royalty look and feel.

Before deciding on your couch, there are a couple of testing measures you should take. Not every sofa is for everyone. These measures will allow you to choose your couch confidently. A satisfactory purchase is what we hope to achieve in Casa Furnishings. We have provided a few tips you should look into before making any type of Sofa purchase.

  • First and foremost, you should have the measurements of your preferred sofa at your fingertips. Your doorway’s measurement will determine this. Avoid situations where your couch has to be returned because it can’t fit into your house. Take the measurements of the height, width, and diagonal openings where your sofa will pass through.
  • Make an evaluation of your upholstery. The quality of your upholstery may not be a factor for comfort, but it goes a long way in providing a captivating look. The patterns and seams of your fabric should match. Mismatched upholstery diminishes the outlook of your sofa. Additionally, higher thread counts on upholstery translate to a longer-lasting fabric.
  • Feel through the padding of your sofa to ensure all sections have been appropriately padded. If you notice you can detect the edges of the frame, then that is cause for alarm. This means you will have an uncomfortable couch within no time because the fabric will wear out fast.
  • The two things with easy replacement on a couch are upholstery fabric and cushions. Frames, on the other hand, are difficult to replace. Therefore, ensure your inner frames are rigid, and they don’t wobble.
  • Press on the cushions to ensure they are firm and get back in shape fast. A cushion that takes forever to get back into its shape is of low quality and will be flattened easily once regularly used.

All these are factors that, as Casa Furnishings, we have taken into considerations. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality furniture solutions for your home.

Whatever item you intend to buy, planning is a large part of it. You need to set aside an amount of money that you will use to purchase the couch / wooden sofa set . Seeing as a sofa set is a long-term investment, then you need to budget beforehand. This is not to say you should go for extremely cheap chairs. Deciding to go for a cheap chair may cost you in the long run. It will last for a short time, and you will find yourself thinking of purchasing a couch once again. There are sofas to suit different budgets. Make sure you pick a quality sofa for an affordable price.

The arms of a chair make all the difference in décor. It is an overlooked factor but one that can make a statement in a room. It defines the style of a room. There are different types of arms that would work for different kinds of interiors. If you’re looking for a couch for your cottage, then chairs with stuffed rounded arms are what you should go for. If your home has a traditional theme, you can add on to it by using chairs with curved arms. Clean-lined wooden arms also bring the mid-century look to life. Finally, more homes are going for the modern look. With modern furniture which includes sofas. A couch with structured rectangular works will achieve this.

One factor that is not often thought about when purchasing a couch is its height. We often think of the fabric, the density, and the cushions. In actuality, the height is just as important, if not more. Consider where you will be placing the couch. Will it be leaning on a wall, or will you move it far from the wall? If you aren’t careful, your sofa may end up blocking other furniture or views in the house. You won’t be able to see it on the other end. As much as you can walk around, its blocking of essential views can be a problem. This makes your room look smaller. This may change the entire dynamic of your layout. Especially f you have a small space, it will end up looking even smaller.

At the end of the day, make sure the couch you decide on a sofa that is favorable and one you are comfortable with. Whether it’s a consideration of size, fabric, frame, or design, make sure you are happy with your choice. It’s essential to be 100% sure because chances are you will be using it for a long time. Understanding features such as weaving and washing ability will also prove advantageous in the long run.

Purchasing of a couch is a decision that requires a lot of thought. Failure to which it may lead to disappointment and loss of money. Buying a wooden sofa set on impulse is not wise. If the situation is entirely unavoidable, make sure to speak with the salesperson so that they can enlighten you, and you can get the chance to get a good sofa. In Casa Furnishings, we make sure to take into consideration your needs and wants. We are always available to answer questions and offer the best furniture pieces. Some of our signature sofas include a wooden sofa for drawing room, a carpenter sofa set, a wooden corner settee, and contemporary living room furniture sets.

At Casa Furnishing you can find a variety of wooden sofa designs. The best and most popular choice among our customer is the simple wooden sofa set designs, many of the products related to this design are listed above you are kindly requested to please have a look at those wooden sofa set designs Indian style which are listed with their price.

The craze of modern sofa set is also a lot among our customers, since the designs that fall under this category goes basically with almost any interior type and also since it is listed on this website( directly from manufacturer) the price of these latest wooden sofa designs are also very reasonable.