Solar street light 20W


Power Output:18-20 W,
Voltage: 12V DC
Light Efficiency: 100 lm/w
LED Chip:Philips SMD3030
Solar Panel Mono crystalline: 12V/25W
Battery:Lithium Li-ion 8.4V,13.2 AH
Full- Load Charging Time:6 to 8 Hours with full sunshine Size:650*320*50 mm
Installed Height: 5-6 meters
Installed Horizontal Spacing: 8-10 meters
Sensors: LDL (Automatic ON/OFF) and PIR

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The innovative ALL-IN-ONE solar street light, which integrates Mono Crystalline Solar PV panel, LED light and LiFePO4 battery into a complete product, including human intelligence induction system to achieve the solution of low energy, long time, high luminous flux and free maintenance, it is very useful and helpful for off-grid areas or those areas with unstable power supply. It is also convenient in installation.
All in one Design
• Simple and convenient
•No wiring needed
•Easy transportation and installation
•Green energy


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