Casa Furnishing is one of the largest online store and best known for traditional and modern Handmade carpets, rugs & kilims. We are a well known name in selling high quality carpets and rugs for more than five decades. Our parent companies are Kashanian exports and Indo Kashanian Rugs. We are proud in our handcrafted or hand made collection of kilims and rugs. It gives your home a classy and elegant look. With our amazing collection of handmade carpets online you can now place an order for the right carpet for your home. We also make custom sized carpets on demand.

We had always been known for the quality and emotions we deliver with our products to the customer. The same legacy we have inherited in our online rug store. Any color, print, size or material you are searching for, you can find them easily at our carpets and rugs online store. All the carpets are Designed and created with extreme love and affection. Our unique stylish collection of carpets and rugs will surely add beauty to your house.

Don’t run for many option to buy carpets and rugs online as we are a store on which you can trust and is just a click away to get the best quality of carpets home. Enjoy browsing and shopping for the amazing collection of handmade rugs through your device’s screen.

Casa Furnishing is supported by the amazing hard work given by a team of craftsmen known for their passion for work and high quality artistic skills. They have great knowledge about the work they do. They also have a lot of exposure in local and abroad in their field.

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When it comes to flexibility, Casa Furnishing clearly wins the league. Our products are manufactured in bhadohi and if in case the stock goes out the new lot take not more than week to refill the stock and market requirement. It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for rugs or carpets for areas with high traffic or low to modest traffic area, you will find your required choice here or i can say our carpets can be used very well in both the situations since they are made up of high quality material and are very durable and also comes with 12 months of warranty.

Are you looking for designer carpets for bedroom? Or, for carpets for kitchen? Reach out to us with your needs! Since we make custom size carpets as well.

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In comparison to machine made carpets we definitely are expensive because we don’t compromise with the quality of the products which machine made made manufacturers do in order to make their carpets cheap and easy buy for most of the people in India. But when it comes to hand made carpets we provide the best quality carpet at the lowest price in our niche.

We provide you with the best quality hand tufted carpets online. Our carpets comes in different designs for you to choose for with easy and user friendly navigation bar.