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Bedroom Set for a modern home in India:

Casa Furnishing deals in high quality Sheesham Wood (Wooden) Bedroom sets, here on our website you can find a variety of bedroom furniture set designs.

We provide a variety of full size bedroom set and those range from :

King Bedroom sets :

Here in India there is a larger demand of king bedroom sets and we fulfil their demands by providing them on our website. The king bedroom set can be custom made and the products can be mixed matched as well in order to make your perfect set that goes with your bedroom, and since all products are made to order, we can also customise the sizes if the customer requests us to.

Queen Bedroom sets :

Considering option wise Queen bedroom sets are well fitted in the Indian market, and the demand of these products are increasing day by day. Queen bedroom sets come in a variety of wood poilish and also the wood polish can be selected from the product’s page.

Queen bedroom sets come in a variety of designs ranging from modern to contemporary and many more. These sets also include modern designer beds.

Wooden bedroom set :

Since we all know that the bedroom is the place where we spend most of our time at home, it has to be something made up of strong durable material and here comes the wooden bedroom sets into the picture. The wooden bedroom set is not only better looking but will surely last longer, the average lifetime of a bed on our website is 20-30 years since it is made up of solid sheesham wood which is top in its segment. 

Another reason for selecting a wooden bedroom sets over others is the weighing capacity. We all know that children love to jump on the bed and also we are familiar with the fact that sometimes it might have to bear some heavy weights, hence selecting a bedroom furniture set that is made up of solid wood serves the purpose of being strong and at the same time beautiful.

The wardrobe  on the other hand is also made up of solid sheesham wood, there are many perks of having a wooden wardrobe, for example because of aging in many of the mdf or plywood furniture the hangers tend to break because of carrying heavy weight over a long period of time, but having a wooden wardrobe that comes in the bedroom furniture set reduce the chances of it to be happening.

Modern Bedroom Set :

In Casa Furnishing most of the designs are of that of a modern bedroom set. These sets easily adapt to their environment and can be fitted in any type of bedroom. On our website you can customise the modern bedroom sets according to your requirement in terms of wood poilish and fabric color if any.

The modern bedroom sets is available in many variants but the two most prominent are the king bedroom sets and the queen bedroom set, and are also among the best selling products on our website.

All the products are purely handmade and are well finished by our craftsmen, also the carving on the beds or any other products if any are also done by the steady hands of our craftsmen to make the best carved designs. To give our product a good texture and make them durable we use the solid sheesham wood for the construction of each and every product in the listing. The products come with a year of termite resistant warranty T&C applied.